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6 week interactive group program for people with persistent pain.

Available Australia-wide, Synthesis is an interactive digital program facilitating empowered self-care and rehabilitation for people with all forms of persistent pain.

For Patients

Break the cycle of persistent pain and reclaim ownership of your wellbeing.

For Insurers

Learn how Synthesis can improve your case outcomes, reducing cost on insurers.

For Referrers

Seeking support for a patient with persistent pain? We'd be honored to help.

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Why Synthesis?

Passive pain endurance.
Independent pain management.

Practical + Interactive

Synthesis isn't just about pain relief—it's a journey to active recovery and rehabilitation. Every step aims to put you back in control, so you can reclaim independence and quality of life.

Group Sessions + Individual Support

Interactive group workshops paired with one-on-one Pain Coaching ensures new learnings are tailored to your needs and actioned every week.

Accessible, Anywhere.

Our digital format ensures that Synthesis is accessible and sustainable—even on challenging pain days—from the comfort of your couch, anywhere in Australia.

Who Is Synthesis For?

If you're tired of pain defining your life, you're in the right place.

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You've been living with persistent pain (for more than three months) which is affecting your quality of life.

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Your pain is preventing you from engaging in meaningful activities, connections and commitments (like work or study).

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You're comfortable with your anonymised data being used to measure the efficacy of the Synthesis program.

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You're over the age of 16 year olds (Synthesis is tailored for adults. Interested in a paediatric program? Let us know).

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You feel stuck and are seeking a way to overcome the continuous cycle of pain and illness.

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Exclusion criteria: Palliative cancer pain or unstable psychiatric / mental health conditions.

How it works?

Weekly group sessions + one-on-one support

The Synthesis program consists of six 3-hour interactive virtual workshops, complemented by a weekly one-on-one session with your Clinical Pain Coach.

1 Week Prior
Pre-Program Pain Coach Consult
Before the program officially begins, you'll connect personally with your Pain Coach in a dedicated 60-minute session. Together, you'll review your pain history, ensuring your coach has a deep understanding of your unique experiences and challenges. Then, you'll prepare for Synthesis—setting clear objectives and tailoring the Synthesis framework to suit your specific needs.
Week 1-6
3-hour Interactive Group Sessions

Over these six weeks, you'll embark on a transformative journey with fellow participants who share similar pain experiences. Together, you'll engage in:

  • Collaborative Learning: Engage in deep, meaningful discussions, share experiences, and provide mutual support.
  • Expert-led Modules: Each session will feature topics led by professionals, introducing you to various aspects of pain management, from understanding pain mechanisms to practical strategies.
  • Hands-on Activities: Besides theoretical understanding, you'll be introduced to exercises, techniques, and tools that you can practice in real-time during the sessions.
1-on-1 Integration Sessions

You're weekly Pain Coach session is your opportunity to tailor and integrate your learnings from each workshop—making every tidbit practical and applicable for your unique needs.

  • Review Progress: Reflect on the week's learnings, understanding what worked and what might need adjustment.
  • Address Personal Challenges: Dive deeper into personal challenges and devise strategies to overcome them.
  • Customised Activities: Receive recommendations tailored for you to practice during the week, maximising your learning and progress.
2 + 4 Weeks Post
Follow-Up Pain Coach Consults
Recognising that the continuous nature of pain management and rehabilitation, you'll have two follow-up Pain Coach sessions, spread 2 weeks apart. During these reviews, you'll assess your ongoing progress, celebrating achievements and identifying areas for continued focus. Together, you'll hone your self-management skills and make adjustments where needed, ensuring you continue to build on the foundations set during the program.
Synthesis Curriculum

Everything you need to know to live a full life beyond persistent pain.

Module 01
The Science of Pain
Delve into the neuroscience of pain, gaining insights into the underlying mechanisms driving your pain experience and the potential strategies for relief.
Module 02
Pain + The Mind
Discover the intricate relationship between the brain's pain processing systems, our cognitive processes, and our psychological states—and learn practical skills to use this interconnection to your advantage.
Module 03
Movement + Physical Function
Explore your unique relationship with pain, movement, and activity. Formulate strategies to improve physical function, conserve energy, and engage in movement safely.
Module 04
Lifestyle Design
Assess the influence of daily routines and decisions on pain and inflammation. Enhance your understanding of your individual lifestyle needs and devise a plan for optimised nutrition, sleep, mindset, and overall wellbeing.
Module 05
Identity + Purpose Beyond Pain
Recognize how pain affects your self-perception and commence the profound journey of identity reconstruction. Reacquaint yourself with your role and purpose in life, exploring topics such as social connections, leisure, and vocation.
Module 06
Sustained Independence
Incorporate your acquired knowledge into a holistic toolkit. Explore techniques for refining self-care practices, revisiting objectives, overcoming challenges, and maintaining your progress for the long run.
Flexible Funding

Fees + Funding

Everyone’s situation is different. If you're unsure which funding pathway is best suited to your needs, send us message and we'll help you explore your opinions.

Worker's Compensation + Motor Veichle Accident Insurance
If you have an active claim through Worker's Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance, we can apply full funding on your behalf.
Department of Veteran Affairs
If you have a white or gold card, we can apply for DVA funding on your behalf. You may require endorsement by a Pain Specialist, but not worry—if you don't already have a specialist, Painless' specialists will be happy to see you.
Private Health Funds
Depending on your circumstances and policy, you may be eligible for partial funding through private health cover.
Program Schedule

Upcoming Dates

Positions are in high demand—expect to see more dates here soon.

Synthesis Program
All participants
29th April, 2024
Synthesis Program
All participants
June, 2024
Veterans Pain Program
Former service personnel
Pelvic Pain Program
People with pelvic pain

Rediscover your whole self, beyond persistent pain.

Empowered. Hopeful. Resilient. Understood. Validated. Comforted. Supported. Accepted. Encouraged. Affirmed. Heard. Valued. Acknowledged. Determined. Strengthened. Optimistic. Patient. Persevering. Adaptive. Motivated. Reassured. Nurtured. Enlightened. Steadfast. Inspired. Confident. Uplifted. Courageous. Resolute. Appreciated. Recognized. Rejuvenated. Determined. Affirmed. Invigorated. Strengthened. Relieved.
Energized. Empathized. Liberated. Fulfilled. Grateful. Cherished. Supported. Respected. Unburdened. Motivated. Recharged. Elevated. Supported. Validated. Content. Serene. Reinvigorated. Strengthened. Hopeful. Inspired. Resilient. Reassured. Encouraged. Optimistic. Believed in. Renewed. Impassioned. Motivated. Supported. Valued. Grounded. Refreshed. Empowered. Fortified. Rejuvenated. Aligned. Understood. Emboldened.

Begin your journey from patient to empowerment.